Network Solutions

Using state-of-the-art knowledge and technologies, we deliver network solutions that are efficient, honest, and meet client demand.

BEI engineers have a deep and wide IT knowledge base, providing clients with cutting-edge solutions while maintaining a mastery of existing network technologies. Coupled with our agnostic approach, clients have access to our unbiased, professional technical expertise and recommendations, providing the integral information needed to make mission-critical decisions about their networks and IT infrastructure. Our team of experts provide end-to-end solutions that will address issues from servers to network infrastructure, all the way to computers, mobile devices, tablets and workstations – in other words, core to cloud. Once the implementation and installation is complete, you will be supported by best practices and workflow procedures that make your work life easier.

High-Density Wi-Fi

Thousands of people, endless mobile devices, Wi-Fi access and interchange of volumes of data can bog down any network. However, high performance Wi-Fi can accelerate coverage, bandwidth and user density. BEI is an industry leading expert in high-density Wi-Fi solutions, providing a top-notch level of security, encryption, and scalability.

BEI has the knowledge to provide high-density Wi-Fi solutions, which have been successfully deployed at large entertainment/sports stadiums, housing authorities, and historical/tourist attractions. These organizations each have unique needs for high-density Wi-Fi coverage. All of them have the need to provide services to large numbers of people/guests, on demand, using their own devices, in tight proximity to each other. The need is two-fold: provide coverage and facility efficiency to enhance the attendee / resident / guest experience, thereby increasing ticket sales and community acceptance of neighborhood projects, while increasing marketing visibility for the organization, through data capture, beaconing and targeted marketing. BEI is proud to be a leading edge provider of high-density Wi-Fi solutions, enhancing the experience of not only our clients, but also millions of users.

Network Assessment

BEI network assessments provide our clients with the clarity they need to see the “forest” through the “trees.” Our assessments provide a clear picture of their networks from where they are today to where the gaps are for transforming the network to meet their future plans. Our team will examine and review all components of your IT environment, review and analyze practices and policies, to provide recommendations and solutions that align with industry benchmarks and best practices.

Network Design

BEI has an unprecedented level of expertise in network design. Our network designers, engineers and IT staff will design solutions that transform your networks to meet the demands of your consumers and network-users, while achieving growth, revenue and enhanced user-experience. Coupled with our agnostic approach, our network designs require best practices and industry standards, utilizing recommended manufacturers, to create the network that is perfectly right for your unique needs.

Network Remediation

BEI is focused on reducing the number of vulnerabilities and decreasing the risks for your organization. Focused on assessing and identifying vulnerabilities and risks, we develop a BEI Remediation Report, which includes the data gathered, data analysis, tools utilized, and a remediation plan. BEI Networks will develop a vulnerability management program and work hand-in-hand with you to reduce the number of vulnerabilities, thereby reducing risk to the organization.

Network Installation

BEI Networks installation process employs a rigid 5-prong installation and best practice policy to ensure a smooth transition into the future. First, we learn about your needs, now and in the future. Second, we analyze all the integration points, other providers, different technologies and management requirements. Then, we employ proper planning, allowing for buffer time and unforeseen situations. Fourth, we work hard to get hardware and software pre-assembled for quicker and easier installation. Lastly, we ensure that the new technologies have the best warranties, eligible software updates and acceptable ongoing costs, so our clients are well aware, ensuring that we future-proof your system, and provide a variety of expertise to meet our clients’ needs.

Firewall & Network Security

Having access to the internet and the outside world is vital for the success of any business, but protecting you from external threats is paramount. BEI Networks conducts security audits and penetration testing to ensure the security of your network and the protection your organization. Our Security Engineers locate, identify and eliminate flaws and vulnerabilities in the network, ensuring the network is secured according to best practice and industry standards. BEI Networks addresses firewalls in four key categories including packet filters, circuit level gateways, application level gateways and multi-layer inspection firewalls. As an added value, clients can use our firewall validation and security verification methods based on their current and future network security requirements.


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