Field Solutions

BEI’s commitment to superior service sets the foundation for project success and client satisfaction that exceeds standards and expectations.

BEI can manage a range of field service needs, from one-day projects to multi-month needs. Our field service team has mastered the art of managing teams to execute and complete field services as requested, on-time, on-budget, with efficiency and effectiveness. The results show when the project is complete and the only impact clients notice is that the requested transformation has occurred, seemingly without effort.

Our Field Service Methodology

BEI Field Service Methodology is infused with our Client Delight Methodology, technical service expertise, project management excellence, and our agnostic approach. Clients often tell us that we “slice it differently” and optimize the execution of projects to achieve results faster, better, and seemingly effortlessly. Our technical, project and service expertise is a mix that is unique to BEI. Coupled with our agnostic approach that is derived from our network services, we perform field services with ease.

BEI’s proven methodology, derived from years of program and project management mastery, is the key to our clients’ success. Clients have commented that programs and projects managed by BEI are “the easiest and smoothest experiences they’ve ever had.”  BEI manages every program and project, no matter the size, with our proven methodology.

BEI Field Service Methodology is a multi-prong approach for proven project success. Our methodology is derived from our extensive experience. It’s time and project-proven. Our approach is comprised of elements that are critical to field service request:

  • Team Selection Process
  • Field Team Foundation
  • Big-Picture Approach
  • Project Management Methodology
  • Field Team Management
  • Team Retention Program
  • Attrition Management

Ready to get started?

Concerned about emerging technologies and the scalability, security, and always-on availability issues it brings? BEI helps you understand, plan and embrace new technology in response to market and user demands while ensuring your network and technology platforms are stable and secure. Our comprehensive, solutions-oriented, agnostic approach, coupled with our respected team, ensures that you see your network from a big-picture view so you can respond effectively and uncover nuances that often derail other networks. Focused on your end goals, our BEI team has the expertise and answers to help create a transformation plan, incorporating network assessment, design, security, convergence, installations, configurations, Wi-Fi and high-density Wi-Fi solutions, program and project management, troubleshooting, maintenance, field project services, and tiered engineering support.

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