We are industry-experts, thought-leaders, big-picture trained and, most importantly, advocates for our clients.

BEI’s mission is to remove fear, uncertainty and doubt in networks and technology projects. Removing fear, uncertainty and doubt allows clients to see clearly. With clarity our clients see their networks from a new perspective, understand industry-wide options and sort out competing and conflicting information – they trust the future of their networks.  Clients gain peace-of-mind and the “room to breathe” to focus on strategic growth goals to meet a constantly evolving environment. At BEI we have a passion for networks, technology and projects – and for removing fear, uncertainty and doubt from networks. It’s what drives us every day. Let us help you with your network, so you can focus on your strategic goals – with peace-of-mind.

History & Facts

Founded 1991, BEI Net.works has been serving clients for over two decades and has worked with corporations, non-profits and government agencies of all sizes throughout North America and Latin America. BEI Net.works is excellence in network assessment, design, security, convergence, installation, configuration, Wi-Fi and high-density Wi-Fi, program and project management, troubleshooting, maintenance, field project services and tiered engineering support.

BEI Net.works is headquartered in New Hampshire with team members located in Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and New York.  We serve clients nationally and internationally.

BEI Networks provides on-site and remote network services to hundreds of locations throughout North and Latin America. Our solutions serve one building to stadiums to retail footprints with 1000+ locations to multi-building, and multi-dwelling facilities.

BEI Net.works is proud to support clients from Fortune 1000 enterprises, state and local government agencies, higher education institutions, K-12 education facilities, healthcare organizations, retail banking enterprises, large entertainment venue/stadiums to densely attended historical and tourist attractions, utilities, manufacturers, VARs, and professional services organizations.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts ITS53 Contract: PROJSERVSP
DUNS: 123780145
NAICS: 541512, 541511, 541513, 541519, 541618, 541690
CAGE Code: 3FYP2
ANID (Ariba Networks ID):  AN01008773784

Ready to get started?

Concerned about emerging technologies and the scalability, security, and always-on availability issues it brings? BEI Net.works helps you understand, plan and embrace new technology in response to market and user demands while ensuring your network and technology platforms are stable and secure. Our comprehensive, solutions-oriented, agnostic approach, coupled with our respected team, ensures that you see your network from a big-picture view so you can respond effectively and uncover nuances that often derail other networks. Focused on your end goals, our BEI Net.works team has the expertise and answers to help create a transformation plan, incorporating network assessment, design, security, convergence, installations, configurations, Wi-Fi and high-density Wi-Fi solutions, program and project management, troubleshooting, maintenance, field project services, and tiered engineering support.

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