Understanding emerging IT, innovating for disruptive technologies and planning for the next big leap are vital to the success of your organization.

Technology is constantly changing, forcing you to be innovative and nimble to remain competitive.  Effective design, implementation and use of hardware and software opens opportunities to streamline your operations, increase productivity, and respond to your customers and users to ensure your relevance in your market.  To achieve this you need a technology partner who is trusted, agile and experienced. One that will help you navigate the changes, plan for the future and implement transformations.

Companies big and small, have turned to BEI as their preferred, all-in-one technology solution partner, because we focus on the backbone on which it all runs – the network. Clients from education, stadium/entertainment, telecommunications, manufacturing, finance, government, and more use BEI as their go-to IT networking and project management team.

Since 1991, BEI has been designing, stabilizing and transforming networks.

BEI’s team of experts works hand-in-hand with IT teams to provide a big-picture view on technologies, assess network landscapes, and design networks to meet needs now and for the future. From installation to configuration, troubleshooting, and problem-solving, you can rely on BEI for continuous uptime and reliability and, most importantly, you can trust our team to ensure your network is stable while transforming to new technologies for the future.

If you want to be ahead of the technology curve or stay up to date, then learn about BEI

Network Solutions

BEI engineers have a deep and wide knowledge base, providing clients with cutting-edge information while maintaining a mastery of existing network technologies. That coupled with our agnostic approach, delivers the integral information our clients need to make mission-critical decisions about their networks and IT infrastructure.

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Field Solutions

BEI has mastered the art of network assessment, design, installation and de-installation to provide unparalleled network and field solutions as requested, on-time, on-budget, with efficiency and effectiveness. The results show when the project is complete and the only impact clients see is the requested transformation.

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Project Management

BEI’s proprietary methodology, derived from years of program and project management mastery is the key to our clients’ success. Clients let us know that projects managed by BEI are the “most efficient and easiest project completions they've experienced.” BEI manages every program and project to proven success.

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Tiered Support

BEI engineering support is always-on for our clients and their customers, so clients can focus their resources on core business and achieve their growth strategies. From daily engineering support to scheduled installations and upgrades, our engineering team is the infrastructure that manages clients' support of their customers.

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Concerned about emerging technologies and the scalability, security, and always-on availability issues it brings? BEI helps you understand, plan and embrace new technology in response to market and user demands while ensuring your network and technology platforms are stable and secure. Our comprehensive, solutions-oriented, agnostic approach, coupled with our respected team, ensures that you see your network from a big-picture view so you can respond effectively and uncover nuances that often derail other networks. Focused on your end goals, our BEI team has the expertise and answers to help create a transformation plan, incorporating network assessment, design, security, convergence, installations, configurations, Wi-Fi and high-density Wi-Fi solutions, program and project management, troubleshooting, maintenance, field project services, and tiered engineering support.

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